east lothian recycling boxes

New Weekly Recycling

Starts from Today – 15th November

All recyclable material will now be collected from households on the same day of the week, starting today, 15th November. Collections will be made every week with all materials collected on the same day. East Lothian Council has redesigned the collection process to help increase the amount of material recycled and with more frequent collections to reduce the number of boxes used.

Plastics, cans and cartons – use a new container for this material: a sealable, weighted, reusable bag. The bag should have been delivered to your address in the last few weeks.

Paper and card (grey thin card used in food packaging like cereal boxes) – goes in the existing blue boxes.

Cardboard (brown corrugated packaging like the boxes from online deliveries) – can go in another blue box, or as now, flattened and presented beside the boxes or in another cardboard box.

Food waste – no change, continue to use the existing caddies.

Check your collection calendar here.