10x Internet Speeds with Fibre Broadband

Super-fast ‘gigabit broadband‘ is being rolled out in East Lothian offering speeds of up to 10x current levels. In the near future homes will be able to get fibre optic cables straight to the door.

The UK government has a voucher scheme to incentivise the building of full fibre networks by network operators for communities in rural areas. This ‘fibre to the door’ network will be rolled out if a sufficient number of households and businesses in a local area signup for new super-fast services by pledging their vouchers. The only commitment is to sign up for a faster broadband connection with the familiar broadband operators once the line is operational. Prices are in many cases similar to existing broadband prices.

East Saltoun fibre gets go ahead

East Saltoun residents: following the efforts to bring ultrafast internet to the village, Openreach has received government approval and is now accepting voucher pledges. If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact Robin Grenfell (robingrenfell@gmail.com).

Options for other Villages

Humbie, Bolton, West Saltoun & all other residents: you can check if your home is included in the scope of the Openreach plan. This link also provides lots of information about Openreach’s Community Fibre Partnerships (how rural communities can access fast full-fibre broadband). If your home or business is not included in a plan, you can register an interest for a similar scheme. 

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